Retrofitting Aims

The reason for a retrofit is to improve a property. The improvement can be for many reasons such as:

Retrofitting Aims should include:

  • To Save Money
  • Increase Space
  • Modernise your Home
  • Create a wheelchair friendly home
  • Create an enhanced mobility environment
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Obtain Grant-Aid before it is abolished

Homeowners may have personal reasons for carrying out a retrofit, but in every case the Retrofitting Aims are to make an improvement. House2Home will design an individual package for every customer, so you can ensure that you really are getting exactly what you need

You can also avail of grant assistance from SEAI and Revenue

Create an efficient & Comfortable Home

Energy Efficient Retrofits creats warm & efficient homes

Retrofit simply means; applying a new measure to an existing building. Effective Retrofit is when the new measure has a benefit to the occupant such as making the home more energy efficient or creating a more practical environment. Your retrofitting aims should be discussed with experienced people, after consulting with experts such as House2Home. We are a dedicated retrofit company with 1 thing in mind – You

Whether you wish to increase the efficiency of your home, enhance the comfort, or increase mobility, House2Home is the perfect solution for you.