Top 3 Reasons To Replace Your Boiler

Home Heating Boilers constitute the heart of your domestic heating system, so it is imperative that they’re maintained and replaced if their efficiency wanes due to age or disrepair. We have isloated the three most persuasive reasons for replacing your old boiler:

1. Substantial Fuel Cost Savings.

This factor is set to become increasingly important as energy prices continue to escalate resulting in increasing fuel costs for consumers. Taking action now to replace an inefficient boiler model will markedly reduce your fuel bill moving forward. Increasing the operational efficiency of your boiler can represent an actual fuel saving of more than 25%. This throws into sharp relief the financial benefits of upgrading from an older model. By replacing your aged, inefficient model with a fresher, more efficient equivalent, you could cut your fuel bills by a quarter.

2. Improved Reliability And Safety.


Not only do modern boilers require less maintenance, they also give you extra peace of mind that you and your family are safe, warm and secure in your dwelling. Although one can’t put a price on peace of mind, the improved reliability of up-to-date boilers will save you money on repairs. Owing to the wear and tear inflicted on domestic boilers by our modern lifestyles, the ‘as new’ efficiency of gas or oil boilers over 15 years old is unlikely to exceed 70%. However, all hope is not lost – the range of boilers available from House2Home boast efficiencies in excess of 90%. This represents an operational improvement in efficiency of up to 20 percentage points.

3. Better Energy Homes Scheme.


A grant to the value of €560 is available to help cover the cost of boiler and heating control upgrades. This can help substantially with the fiscal pressures accrued by upgrading your domestic heating system and sway those who are hesitant to upgrade a boiler which they know to be in a state of disrepair.

Dont bury your head in the sand – if your boiler is 15 years old or more it’s likely that you will be compelled to replace it on reliability grounds so replacement is a fait accompli. Why wait for this situation to arise? The sooner you upgrade, the earlier you can begin saving. Moreover, by plannin the procedure and taking action now, you will avoid the perils of losing heat during the colder months and ushering in a winter of discontent for you and your loved ones.

More detailed information on the options available to you can be found here.

Turn Your Resolutions Into Renovations


Now that were a week into 2016 people are beginning to struggle with their New Years resolutions. Whether that diet has gone on hiatus or the yoga class is overbooked, theres invariably a reason (or several) for faltering. This is a perennial feature in the first weeks of January, which is why we at House2Home advocate turning your resolutions into renovations in 2016. Those funds that you have earmarked for pottery classes could be redirected to your construction budget. Results obtained from construction projects standat a better chance of longevity than attempts to learn Mandarin & dance the tango! Continue reading

Save up to €1290 off your boiler & heating controls

Did you know that SEAI offer up to €700  towards the cost of replacing your Gas/Oil boiler & heating controls ? In addition Energia and House2Home can offer you a further €590 off the cost of installation!

Who should have their heating system upgraded?

*Are your heating bills too high?

* Is your heating faulty?

* Is your house over 10 years old?

* Is your boiler due to be changed?

* would you like to receive €1290 towards the cost of replacing your boiler and upgrading to a high efficiency boiler & heating controls?

If you answer yes to any of the above then you should contact our team on 1800282282 and arrange a free house energy survey

Standard 10 year old boiler runs between 55-70% efficiency which means that 30-40% of your heating are not actually being converted into heat.

Our gas boilers & heating controls ensure you receive at least 91% of the fuel that you pay for. We install top brand boilers such as Ideal and Viessmann. Some Key Benefits of these boilers include:


*Over 91% efficient

*Installations usually done in 1 day

* Our 5/10 year warranty includes a next day service  

*All our installers are RGII registered installers

* All our instillations are done to the highest standards 

Heating controls      

Did you know that by separating your space heating from hot water heating you can ensure energy is only used where it is needed? Our systems allow you to independently control your hot water and space heating requirements, we also install room and hot water thermostats which ensure that you will never waste energy. By installing motorised valves and connecting them to a programmable timeclock you can automatically set specific areas of the house to heat at designated times, thus reducing the demand for expensive gas/oil. You can also direct the heating to Hot Water requirements only, which will save you money during the summer months!

Our High Efficiency Boilers & Heating Controls give you full control of your heating.     

How to find out if you are eligible for these savings?

Simply contact a member of our team by emailing or call 1800282282 and we will arrange a Free Home Energy Survey and a No Obligation Quote for your Boiler and Heating Controls upgrade.

Seasons Greetings From House2Home



All of the team here at House2Home would like to wish our valued customers a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2016. Since we opened our doors back in 2013 our company has grown substantially from strength-to-strength. Of course this wouldnt of been possible without your continued support & custom.

As we enter our third year in business we will strive to offer the same consistent quality & service to both our new & existing customers. We would also like to express our gratitude to you all for sticking with us this far and long may our journey together continue.

Whether you are considering a full retrofit or home extensions as part of your New Years resolutions, we will always be there to offer the best possible advice & solutions to your needs.

We hope you & your loved ones have a wonderful Xmas and may all of your dreams & resolutions ring true in the New Year. Beannachtaí an tSéasúir 

Four Home Improvement Resolutions For The New Year



At the beginning of each year most of us set out our resolutions for the year. These promises we make to ourselves usually range from keeping fit to abstaining from bad habits such as smoking and alcohol.

When keeping in the spirit of new beginnings you should also resolute to look at beginning some home improvements in 2016 also. Here are four ways to help improve your home and overall living quality in the new year.  Continue reading

Benefits of Replacing Your Doors & Windows

There are myriad benefits to replacing your propertys windows & doors. In addition to cutting your energy bills & reducing your impact on the environment, you will also increase what realtors refer to as “curb appeal” which can sway prospective buyers, should you decide to sell.


This added resale value is not just the result of a superficial reaction – ethically conscious buyers who practice green consumerism will be influenced by the implied energy efficiency of new windows. The quality of your windows & doors contributes directly to your home’s energy rating, so the effect of replacing them is much more than cosmetic.


In addition to the visually obvious cues to replace windows – rotting wooden frames; broken/frogged glass – non visual benefits should also factor into your decision making process. Replacing your windows & front door can yield a variety of benefits, from lowered utility bills to better soundproofing.


Replacing every window in your home can be an expensive proposition. However, if your window frames are in good shape, simply replacing single pane window sashes with double pane sashes can save you money.


For budget-minded homeowners seeking a quick home makeover, few improvements are as inexpensive or dramatic as a change to their front door. Compared to the price of other home renovation options, updating your windows & doors is an affordable way to transform both the exterior and interior of your home in one fell swoop.


See more benefits hereh2h2h


Energy efficient windows insulate your home in winter & decrease air conditioning use in the summer, thus eliminating overall uneven heating & cooling throughout your home. Additionally, this will reduce your thermal footprint.


When Correctly installed, high quality windows and doors will reduce outside noise and increase your homes privacy since closed windows and doors screen out noise pollution. House to Homes complete service guarantees correct installation every time.


Reduced fading is another benefit to upgrading your windows & doors.  There are several different glass options capable of blocking most of the suns harmful ultraviolet rays. These will help to maintain the vibrancy of upholstered furniture, curtains, decorative rugs & valuable art.


You can find a glass option to suite the climate you live in as well as your personal needs. Modern doors & windows also provide an extra layer of protection at your home. The frames used are strong & durable, reducing the chances of someone managing to break-in.


More often than not, the glazing used on a modern window or door will be almost impossible to remove from the outside, thereby frustrating even the most determined intruder.


Most come ready installed with a sophisticated locking mechanism which is designed to be as tamper-proof as possible. We also partner with many security firms with PSA License holders who can install a range of security systems from Digital CCTV to Monitored Alarm systems to bolster your homes safety.


A major disadvantages with old windows & doors is their need for regular care & attention. Harsh weather can deprive them of their original charm, as paint starts to flake & frames become weaker resulting in the appearance of gaps. The UPVC used on new windows & doors ensures their longevity, as it is a material that is weather-resistant & provides reliability. Once installed they have a lifespan of 20-30 years.


In the current climate prospective buyers are only interested in properties which already feature new windows & doors. If your home doesnt meet this criteria then its chances of gaining a sale could be negatively affected.


House to Home is the ideal choice when replacing your doors & windows. Our bespoke, comprehensive service tailored to your unique requirements separates us from competitors. View our range at our showroom or order your brochure here

10 Ways To Reduce Your Energy Bill This Winter



As the weather becomes more inclement, you can expect to see a spike in your electricity bills as you try to keep the cold at bay. However, there are a few simple steps you can take to minimize the amount of energy needed to heat your home and in so doing save cash.

From properly insulating your house to simply dressing for the season, weve compiled 10 easy tips to cut your homes energy use – youll thank us when you receive your next electricity bill!

1) Purchase an energy monitoring device/power strip to understand where you are using the most energy

Reducing your energy consumption is difficult to achieve without knowledge of your usage. Hence, our recommendation that you invest in an energy-monitoring device that will allow you to visualize and quantify how much electricity youre actually consuming. These smart little devices can save you hundreds of euro – a nice return on investment

2) Get a smart power strip and start to unplugging unneeded electronics

Simply not using a charger, television or computer doesnt mean the device is not still sucking up electricity (and costing you money). One way to combat this problem is to unplug your electronics when idle, but if that seems cumbersome, you can acquire an eco powerstrip which automatically cuts off the supply of electricity to computers and other gadgets when they are off.

3) Switch all of your light bulbs to LEDs

When the days shorten you end up switching on lights much earlier, so its vital you ensure your bulbs are as energy-efficient as possible. We recommend you deploy LEDs. High quality LED bulbs can now be found at many major retailers at reasonable costsFireplace.

Not only do modern LED bulbs consume 80 percent less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescents, but current LEDs are also much improved in comparison to their forerunners –  now designed to provide soft, warm ambient light, rather than the harsh bluish light that was a feature previously.

Although LED bulbs cost about 10X more than incandescent bulbs its worth bearing in mind that they last 25X longer, which means that you wont ever have to buy new lightbulbs, plus youll save a ton of money on your electricity bill. As we approach December its also worth checking out LED Christmas lights as these are more energy efficient.

4) Invest in a smart thermos

If you have an old-fashioned thermostat, youre essentially paying to have your house heated during the day when youre not even there. With a smart thermostat you can program your heating and cooling systems to only turn on at your behest.

5) Dress for the weather and turn your thermostat down a few degrees

You can save cash by simply dressing a little warmer during the colder months. If you form the habit of wearing sweaters, slippers and blankets around your home, you can turn your thermostat down a bit and remain completely comfortable.Thermal imaging

6) Get an energy audit (or Do It Yourself with a Spot Thermometer / Infrared Gun)

During an energy audit a professional auditor will inspect your whole home to identify

any problem areas where heat could be leaking out, and recommend exactly what you can do to fix them.

Alternatively, you can try DIY energy auditing using a spot thermometer or infrared gun. These handy tools detect exactly where your home is leaking heat so that you can patch up those areas with insulation.


7) Seal all home leaks with insulation

Theres no such thing as too much insulation – the more the better! Typically, one half of

your homes heating and cooling will escape through walls, windows, the floor and the roof, so if these areas arent properly insulated, heating your home will be considerably more expensive.

Once youve identified the leaks origin (using the infrared gun described above), spend some time bulking up your insulation in those spots. Click here to select from the different types of insulation we offer and learn where they should be applied.

8) Invest in well-insulated, super-sealed windows

In order to minimize the amount of toasty winter heat leaking out of a drafty window, make

sure that all of your glass is at least double-paned. Triple pane or double pane with argon Home insulationor some sort of insulation material between the glass is even better.

Its equally important that the trim of the window around the glass is sturdy and well insulated, so that you do not have just a layer of metal between you and frigid winter air.

“See our range of energy efficient windows here.”

9) Use blinds, shades & window treatments effectively

Your choice of window treatments & use thereof can significantly warm a room (or cool it down). During the day, direct sunlight pouring through your window will noticeably heat up a room. In order to heat up the room, roll those blinds up and let in the light! ‘

Likewise, if you are trying to cool this same room down, roll a thick, sunlight blocking shade over the window. Drawing the shades or curtains at night will maximize heat retention in a bedroom.

10)Turn down your heat and hang out in the kitchen when you cook and bake

There is little as comforting on a freezing day than some hot soup or delectable baked

House 2 Home Showroom

goods. Since youll be turning on your oven anyway, why not turn off your heat and hang out in the kitchen for a while?

While its true that our ovens need electricity (or gas) to operate too, if youre going to be whipping up some cookies, cakes, soups or casseroles anyway, it would be prudent to re-purpose all of that hot air to keep yourself warm. Besides the money you save by not double heating your home & the mouth watering aromas wafting through the air provide another incentive!



Three Benefits Of Solar Energy For Your Home

Luxury kitchen
We often hear people waxing lyrical about how efficient solar energy is and how good it is for the environment.

Although we hear these superlatives about solar energy all the time, what do we actually know about solar energy and how does it benefit us and our homes directly?

Here we take a look at the three key benefits that installing solar energy panels can bring to your home:

Cost Efficient

Solar energy is free from running costs and solar panels only require a little bit of maintenance each year.

Continue reading

The Energia Centre @ House2Home

 Energia Centre
All your Energy Needs Under 1 Roof at the Energia Centre! 

House2Home have partnered with Energia to bring you The Energia Centre @ House2Home. Our dedicated showroom displays the widest range of Energy Saving Products & Services. Our Home Energy Consultants will be on-hand to offer free advice to homeowners wishing to upgrade the energy efficiency of their home

 Get in contact with us now!

Our recent survey has shown that 67% of home-owners wish to avail of Energy Saving Retrofit measures but dont know where to begin! A further 80% of people surveyed are not aware of the grants that are available! Thats where we can help! The Energia Centre is a dedicated information Hub for people seeking information on Energy Efficiency & Home Heating upgrades. Our team have all the answers for you!

On display you will see:

  • A full Solar Thermal System
  • Boilers & Zoned Heating Controls
  • Insulation (Wall & Loft)
  • Renewable Energies
  • A host of other finishes & fixtures

In addition to SEAI grants, Energia are offering their customers further discounts on these measures.

Please see below for some of the grants & Discounts available:
[table caption=”” width=”500″ colwidth=”120|100|50″ colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
Energy Saving Measure, SEAI Grant, Energia Discount, Total Discount
Gas/Oil Boiler Changeover,, €479, €479
Solar Thermal Package, €1200, €165, €1365
Attic Insulation, €300, €130, €430,
External Wall Insulation, €3400, €590, €3990
Internal Dry Lining, €1800, €500, €2300
Gas/Oil Boiler with Zoned Heating Controls & Power Flush, €700 ,€833 ,€1533


 Energia Centre The Energia Incentives are unrivalled and available immediately to customers whose homes were built prior to 2006. This Friday & Saturday we are officially launching the Energia Centre @ House2Home. Our Team will be on-hand to answer your questions and discuss your individual needs. We can also arrange a Free Home Energy Consultation whereby our team call to your home and evaluate your current insulation & heating system and make recommendations to you. We can then explain the incentives to you and show you how you can save money on your heating & electricity costs.

Get in contact with us now!