Deep Retrofit Pilot Programme

The Deep Retrofit Pilot Programme

House2Home are offering a grant of up 60% to homeowners who wish to bring their homes to a high level of energy efficiency via SEAI’s Deep Retrofit Programme.

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland are the Government body tasked with reducing carbon emissions nationally, to meet EU targets set for 2020. The Deep Retrofit Pilot Programme is the most comprehensive and generous programme launched to Irish homeowners to date, which will see them receive 50% towards the cost of energy related upgrades such as insulation and heating improvements. When you add House2Home Energy Credit Incentives, this can reduce the overall cost by 60%!

How Does the Deep Retrofit Pilot Programme Work?

The main objective of the Deep Retrofit Pilot Programme (DRP) is to bring a private dwelling from a Building Energy Rating of C3 (or lower) to a minimum of A3. There are some criteria that each project must meet, and SEAI have set out some basic guidelines to ensure that the Programme is effective. These include:

  • The house must have been built prior to 2007
  • The BER must be C3 or lower (i.e. D1, D2 etc.)
  • Projects must be approached in a ‘Fabric First’ fashion
  • There must be an element of renewable energy included
  • A pre-works and post-works BER must be conducted
  • A pre-works and post-works Air Tightness Test must also be carried out

How does the House2Home Energy Credit Incentive Work?

The same criteria applies to the House2Home Energy Credit Incentive Scheme as the DRP. Our Energy Partner, Energia, will offer a substantial contribution for energy efficiency works to their customers. We discount this from your energy efficiency works, further reducing the costs! We handle all the paperwork in relation to Energy Credits.

What are the steps from application to completion?

Step 1
The initial consultation is an over the phone questionnaire with our Engineers. This will gather critical information for us such as your wants/needs, house type, age and applicable energy upgrades.

Step 2
We then arrange a time to meet you at your home. We conduct a complete analysis of the property to ensure that we can provide you with accurate costs of retrofitting. Once we have the costs determined, we ask you to call to our showrooms, where we discuss each item that we have costed for, and show you items such as insulation, solar panels and heating systems in our 10,000sqft showrooms.

Step 3
Once you are happy to proceed to grant application stage, we arrange a pre-works BER and Air Tightness Test. This allows SEAI determine the ‘before works’ energy performance of your house.

Step 4
House2Home then complete the application and submit this to SEAI for evaluation. SEAI evaluate each project, ensuring the homeowner is receiving value for money, the correct suite of measures, building fabric upgrades, renewable energies & a whole house solution

Step 5
Once approved by SEAI, the works can then take place. This is coordinated with our skilled team of tradesmen and engineers. We manage every aspect of the project. We hold regular site meetings with our clients to ensure they are fully informed throughout the project.

Step 6
Once works are completed, SEAI will inspect the home to ensure the standard of work complies with their guidelines, the products and materials installed are compliant and that all elements of works are working correctly. SEAI basically carry out Quality Assurance for each project, double checking our work to ensure maximum benefits to the homeowner and the delivery of quality projects.

How to Apply for the Deep Retrofit Pilot Programme

If you have a project that you would like to talk to us about then contact our team on 1800282282 or  
Our team will evaluate your project, and begin the application process!

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