Frequently Asked Questions about Retrofitting a Building:

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[wptabtitle]How do I Know if I qualify for the Housing Adaptation Grant?[/wptabtitle]
By calling 1800282282, you will get the necessary forms and a home visit from one of our team. They will guide you through the process of grant applications. An Occupational Therapist will be engaged to conduct a report to determine exactly what needs to be done to improve your life.

[wptabtitle]What happens if I already have some insulation/energy related products in my home?[/wptabtitle]
Our Engineers will include them in the Free Home Energy Survey so you can see exactly how they contribute to the overall energy efficiency upgrade.

[wptabtitle]What retrofit practices are most cost effective?[/wptabtitle]

  • Cavity wall insulation is an expanded polystyrene material which is injected in bead form into the cavity through holes drilled to the exterior
  • Attic insulation is a kingspan board or a fibreglass type roll that is placed between the ceiling joists from the attic
  • Internal insulation is a 100mm thick insulated plasterboard attached to the inside of the building and is also known as a cozy board

Heating controls upgrade and boiler replacement

  • The old boiler is replaced with an efficient condensing boiler
  • Heating controls systems are installed to have complete control of your new heating system.
  • Thermostats installed to control the heat in each zone or room
  • Separate the heating system by zoning, have one motorized valve controlling heat on the ground and another motorized valve controlling the heating on the second
  • The entire system is controlled by the control panel which has a seven day programmer

Thermal Envelope (outer walls of the building)

  • Carryout an air pressure test to identify heat leakage or gaps in the building
  • Seal around window and door openings by caulking
  • Replace the internal window and door seals
  • Insert chimney draught excluders on open fireplaces. This allows you control the amount of heat leaving the room


[wptabtitle]Who can avail of the Better Energy Home Scheme?[/wptabtitle]
It is a National scheme and therefore all homeowners of dwellings built before 2006 may apply. Landlords and owners of multiple properties may also apply, however they must submit a separate application form for each property.

[wptabtitle]What Grants are available from the SEAI?[/wptabtitle]

Energy Efficient Works

    Cash Grant Value*
Insulation Attic Insulation €200
Wall Insulation – Cavity €250
Wall Insulation – Internal Dry Lining
Apartment (any) OR Mid- terrace House €900
Semi-detached or End of Terrace €1,350
Detached House €1,800
Wall Insulation – External
Apartment (any) OR Mid- terrace House €1,800
Semi-detached or End of Terrace €2,700
Detached House €3,600
Heating System Heating Controls with Boiler (Oil or Gas) Upgrade. €560
Heating Controls Upgrade only €400
Solar Heating €800


[wptabtitle]What are the criteria for applying?[/wptabtitle]
To be eligible to apply to the Better Energy Homes scheme, the following criteria must be met:

  • Grant approval from SEAI must be in place before any purchase of materials or commencement of measures undertaken.
  • The grant offer, once accepted by the applicant, remains valid for six (6) months from the date of issue of grant offer notification.
  • Applicants to the Better Energy Homes scheme must use Contractors who are active on the registered Contractor List at the time of works.
  • The measure being applied for must be for newly fitted materials / products and cannot have been incentivised previously in the particular home under any other grant programme.
  • Qualifying expenditure includes materials and labour except in the instance where a Contractor is completing works within his own home in which case only the cost of materials will be deemed qualifying expenditure.


[wptabtitle]How do I apply?[/wptabtitle]
The easiest method to apply for the grant is to:

  • Call 1800282282 to request an representative to provide you with the forms and assist you with information that you may need.

For application details please visit www.seai.ie Homeowners section.

[wptabtitle]Who can apply?[/wptabtitle]
All homeowners of dwellings built before 2006 may apply. Please note that a third party (ie contractor, assessor or anyone other than family or close friend) must not apply on your behalf for a Better Energy Homes grant as this contravenes the Terms of their Registration.

[wptabtitle]What type of work can I get a grant for?[/wptabtitle]
Grants are available to eligible applicants for undertaking the following works, in accordance with the requirements outlined in the Contractors Code of Practice and Standards & Specification Guidelines.

  • Attic  Insulation
  • Wall Insulation – this includes either cavity wall, internal dry lining or external insulation
  • Installation of a High Efficiency (> 90%) Gas or Oil fired  Boilers  with Heating Controls Upgrade
  • Heating Controls Upgrade
  • Solar Heating
  • Building Energy Rating (BER)


[wptabtitle]Who can do the work?[/wptabtitle]
In accordance with the schemes Terms and Conditions, all works must be completed by a contractor from SEAIs Registered List. House2Home is on the list of contractors that SEAI permit to carry out grant works.

[wptabtitle]Should there be a contract in place between the Homeowner and the Contractor?[/wptabtitle]
It is a requirement of registration that all contractors have a written contract with the homeowners for all works undertaken under the Better Energy Homes scheme. Homeowners are therefore required to comply with this requirement and ensure that there is a contract in place between the homeowner and the contractor, which will ensure appropriate levels of consumer protection.  A copy of model contract can be downloaded from www.seai.ie/betterenergyhomes.