House2Home specializes in providing a complete service for adapting homes for people with mobility, physical or mental health problems. We understand that this is a highly sensitive matter and that great care is needed when deciding what needs to be done to the beneficiarys home.
To this effect we will design and adapt the house by liaising with the occupants, making sure that all works will benefit them.

House2Home guides customers through the grant procedure, answering the questions that need answering.

The Housing Adaption Grant is a proven method of improving someones life.

The Better Energy Home Scheme is governed by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and is available to home owners throughout the country. This scheme allows people to receive a pre-defined amount towards the cost of improving energy efficiency. Contractors must register with SEAI to carry out grant work. House2Home is registered with SEAI.

For an information pack on Home Energy Improvements or Home Adaptation Packages call 1800 282282 or email our team at