Housing Adaptation Grant

About the Housing Adaptation Grant

A housing adaptation grant is available where changes need to be made to a home to make it suitable for a person with a physical, sensory or mental health difficulty. The purpose of the works that need to be carried out are to make the occupiers life easier by making their home accessible and adapting it to their individual needs.

Housing Adaptation Grant for People with a Disability (houses over 12 months old):

Maximum yearly household income % of costs Maximum grant
Up to €30,000 95% €30,000
€30,000 – €34,000 90% €27,000
€34,001 – €38,000 80% €24,000
€38,001 – €42,000 70% €21,000
€42,001 – €46,000 60% €18,000
€46,001 – €50,000 50% €15,000
€50,001 – €54,000 40% €12,000
€54,001 – €65,000 30% €9,000

We Build Your Comfort

Our approach is practical; we liaise with your medical team (GP, Occupational Therapist etc.)
Based on their advice, we design an adaptation package that suits your needs. See our Products/Services Provided topic for a list of enhancements that we provide.

We supply and fit

  • Complete Adaptation Extension
  • Handrails
  • Ramps
  • Bathroom Accessories
  • Grab Rails
  • Light Switch Lowering
  • Door handle lowering
  • Widening of corridors and door-ways
  • Raised toilets
  • Backrests on toilets
  • Baths with hoists
  • Adjusted Basins/Sinks
  • Complete Bedroom Solutions

We ensure that you get maximum benefits for your investment. Traditionally, companies would try to complete a job at minimum cost. We rely on your satisfaction to sustain House2Home, so we go the extra mile – better quality design, materials, products and workmanship.

House2Home is registered with NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland), who carry out regular audits of our work to ensure the highest possible standards are being adhered to.

Products/Services Provided

House2Home provides a complete service to people wishing to upgrade their homes. That means that you do not need to go to multiple companies to achieve your desired result. Our process is as follows:

Complete Adaptation Retrofit

If you are suffering from an illness or ailment that limits your movement, or makes it difficult for you to function in your home – the Complete Adaptation Retrofit Package will solve that problem for you.

We design an individual package that is tailored to you and your home. Our team of experts will design and construct a practical home that is both efficient and comfortable.

Benefitting from more than 1 grant will ensure that you have minimal outlay, whilst achieving maximum results.

A Sample of a complete extension would be:
See Separate document

Partial Adaptation Retrofit

If your needs dont justify our Complete Adaptation Retrofit, then you can pick and choose the options that are right for you, whilst still availing of the Grant Scheme. View our Products/Services Page to see how we can help you achieve comfort and safety in your home

What makes us different?

Traditionally, housing adaptation grants were carried out as follows:
Flat roof 20m²extension would be built on the back of the home, containing a hallway leading to a new bedroom. All grant aid went towards the extension.

What we do:
House2Home will build a new 20m²-30m²extension with a lean to, flat or pitched roof. This will house the persons new living area.
We then transform the existing living area into a modern comfortable bedroom for the occupant. This also eliminates the need to use a stairs or install a costly stair lift.
We supply and fix all the necessary products you may require, come and visit our showrooms to view all our services and products.
We will endeavour to make our clients fully aware of all the elements required to achieve their goals from inception to completion.


What benefits will housing adaptation improvements have for me?

  • A more comfortable, practical home
  • Ensure you can live safely in your own home
  • Ease of access, new fixtures and fittings are installed to make sure you can live and function in your home
  • You can remain in your home, where traditionally it would have been impractical to do so

How do I know if I can avail of the Grant?

  • For a free talk through on the grant application process call 1800282282 and speak to our advisors
  • If you suffer from an on-going illness, disability or ailment then there is a good chance that you will qualify for the grant.
  • We can provide an information pack that will explain the process in greater detail, and we can call to your home to discuss the process with you.
  • By calling 1800282282 and requesting an information pack, you can make an informed decision on all matters regarding housing adaptation
  • We will liaise with your occupational therapist to ensure you will get maximum benefits from the project.

What kind of changes can be made to my home?

  • There are various options available to you. We have carried out numerous housing adaptation works and we can show you options that have proven successful to our clients.
  • We can add an extension under the grant scheme that will provide additional living space. If this is located at the rear of your home, then you can enjoy the benefits of the new part of your home, while overlooking your garden. House2Home also provide landscaping services to complete the project.
  • House2Home will adapt the whole house to suit your individual needs. This includes creating a washroom downstairs, so clients do not have to worry about dangerous falls. We also provide mobility friendly living rooms and bedrooms.
  • We only carry out the work that you feel is relevant. You will be presented with different options and finishes, when you are happy we will agree on a start date.

How much is available in grant assistance?

  • You can receive up to 95% of costs, depending on your circumstances.
  • The maximum grant available is €30,000 on any project
  • Grant Assistance is being reduced, so if you are thinking of applying for a grant, dont delay – call today!
  • Grant applications are based on priority; this will be determined by your GP and occupational therapist.