Turn Your Resolutions Into Renovations


Now that were a week into 2016 people are beginning to struggle with their New Years resolutions. Whether that diet has gone on hiatus or the yoga class is overbooked, theres invariably a reason (or several) for faltering. This is a perennial feature in the first weeks of January, which is why we at House2Home advocate turning your resolutions into renovations in 2016. Those funds that you have earmarked for pottery classes could be redirected to your construction budget. Results obtained from construction projects standat a better chance of longevity than attempts to learn Mandarin & dance the tango!


House2Home offers a comprehensive design and build solution for those seeking to embark on renovations, new builds, extend existing buildings. Our service provides you with efficiency in terms of money & time. We advocate on your behalf, so the project can progess with as little interruption to your lifestyle as possible.

From a design perspective, we engage with Architects and Engineers keeping you abreast of proceedings to ensure all of your requirements are met. We only hire qualified tradesmen and boast a low crew turnover rate. This reliability further serves to give you peace of mind during the building project. The experience level of our professional personnel will reassure you that your project will be a success.


Why House2Home?

We dont rely on pictures & brochures to illustrate how your project will look, but rather we prefer to give you an immersive feel for how your new home will be – glossy pictures cant replicate this, no matter how high the resolution! Our 10,000ft² showrooms display the key elements of building & refurbishment that any project may need. Viewing these will enable you to make an informed choice when designing your own project.

Our process begins by scheduling a meeting with you and your Architect/Engineer. If you do not have an Architect/Engineer we can recommend several reputable candidates with whom we have previously worked. Once plans are finalised, we provide a detailed quotation, breaking down exact quantities and prices. If these are agreeable, we furnish a schedule of works, detailing the project duration, start and finish dates. A Contracts Manager and crew will then be assigned to your project. This crew will consist of a Foreman, and tradesmen such as Carpenters, Bricklayers, Plumbers, Electricians, Painters & Plasterers

home-renovation (1)

We schedule regular site meetings between the assigned Contracts Manager and the Site Foreman, and in turn update you with progress. You are encouraged to attend said meetings, however, in instances where you’re schedule does not allow for this we will provide you with emailed updates for convenience.

To guarantee security House2Home holds and maintains Employers Liability, Public Liability and  Contractors All-risks Insurances. Their brokers are Kelleher Insurance. Letters  confirming the Insurance cover are available upon request. We are also registered with NSAI, SEAI, Smart Eco Hub, IGBC, Easca and Enprova