Top 3 Reasons To Replace Your Boiler

Home Heating Boilers constitute the heart of your domestic heating system, so it is imperative that they’re maintained and replaced if their efficiency wanes due to age or disrepair. We have isloated the three most persuasive reasons for replacing your old boiler:

1. Substantial Fuel Cost Savings.

This factor is set to become increasingly important as energy prices continue to escalate resulting in increasing fuel costs for consumers. Taking action now to replace an inefficient boiler model will markedly reduce your fuel bill moving forward. Increasing the operational efficiency of your boiler can represent an actual fuel saving of more than 25%. This throws into sharp relief the financial benefits of upgrading from an older model. By replacing your aged, inefficient model with a fresher, more efficient equivalent, you could cut your fuel bills by a quarter.

2. Improved Reliability And Safety.


Not only do modern boilers require less maintenance, they also give you extra peace of mind that you and your family are safe, warm and secure in your dwelling. Although one can’t put a price on peace of mind, the improved reliability of up-to-date boilers will save you money on repairs. Owing to the wear and tear inflicted on domestic boilers by our modern lifestyles, the ‘as new’ efficiency of gas or oil boilers over 15 years old is unlikely to exceed 70%. However, all hope is not lost – the range of boilers available from House2Home boast efficiencies in excess of 90%. This represents an operational improvement in efficiency of up to 20 percentage points.

3. Better Energy Homes Scheme.


A grant to the value of €560 is available to help cover the cost of boiler and heating control upgrades. This can help substantially with the fiscal pressures accrued by upgrading your domestic heating system and sway those who are hesitant to upgrade a boiler which they know to be in a state of disrepair.

Dont bury your head in the sand – if your boiler is 15 years old or more it’s likely that you will be compelled to replace it on reliability grounds so replacement is a fait accompli. Why wait for this situation to arise? The sooner you upgrade, the earlier you can begin saving. Moreover, by plannin the procedure and taking action now, you will avoid the perils of losing heat during the colder months and ushering in a winter of discontent for you and your loved ones.

More detailed information on the options available to you can be found here.